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January 9, 2012 @ 7:25 am
posted by Barry Sideroff


DVI’s Direct 2.0 solutions protect and grow your brand, monetize your customer relationships, manages channels to your advantage, optimize marketing effectiveness and efficiency, and most importantly, generate sales. Here are the ten guiding principles of Direct 2.0 --

Protect and grow your brand

Protect and grow your brand’s value in all channels and media, the Internet in particular.

Monetize your customer relationships

Nurture your prospects and customers along the way but ask for the order at each and every opportunity.

Ensure ROI with a financially sound strategy

Win, grow and retain customers based upon their present and future monetary value and invest heavily in those who have the highest revenue potential.  

Embrace the scientific method

Use statistically valid control versus test methodology and consistently track, measure and refine to yield increased marketing ROI.

Control the messaging environment

Harmonize all channels and use both online and offline media to optimize sales outcomes and always measure returns at both the macro and micro levels.

Manage the customer journey

Understand and control each phase of the “customer journey” to increase sales, satisfaction and customer lifetime value.

Master your data, analytics and measurement

Rigorously apply data analytics and measure everything to achieve a competitive advantage and optimize your sales outcomes.

Move from social points of presence to a full “social ecosystem”

Optimize your internet presence by using it for content distribution to third-party sites and for use in social communities -- Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and others.

Make mobile marketing and sales work

Go beyond "what's in the app" to a more robust strategy that extends to LBS (location based services) and engage consumers with strong calls-to-action.

Optimize on both effectiveness and efficiency

Optimize campaign effectiveness (# of sales) and efficiency ($ per sale) by using all the arrows in your quiver to achieve the greatest number of sales at the lowest possible cost.

 Future blog postings will explore each Direct 2.0 principle in depth. Stay tuned!