A Brief History


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Direct Ventures, Inc. (DVI) was founded in 2003 with these key goals in mind… always put the needs of the client first, deliver superior talent at an affordable price and always seek to optimize clients’ marketing return-on-investment (MROI).

Many of us started on the client side and then moved to the agency side. We’ve all held senior positions in world-class strategic and business consulting; general advertising; sales promotion; direct response; data analytics; digital, social and content marketing practices.

This provides us with a holistic approach to resolving marketing strategy and creating and executing winning sales campaigns and tactics.  

Direct 2.0 is the embodiment of that approach… a technology-enabled evolution of classic direct response selling.

Many claim to have a unique perspective to marketing and sales. We make no such claim.

But what we can and do claim is that we always follow a fact-based path to solving our clients’ marketing and sales challenges. And, we always crunch the numbers to determine if what we’ve set out to do can realistically meet or exceed our clients’ MROI expectations.

A final word… the best strategy in the world is meaningless unless you flawlessly execute, measure and refine its delivery. At the end of the day, it’s all about making it happen!