DVI Solutions

Direct 2.0SM Solutions

Direct Marketing Digital Marketing

  • Integrated marketing strategic plans -- Comprehensive marketing and sales plans that are financially sound and can be implemented quickly.
  • Product launch and expansion plans -- Market entry and growth blueprints including business case development and ROI projections.
  • Marketing and sales infrastructure review -- Optimization of marketing and sales capabilities and customer development processes. 
  • Data analytics -- Segmentation, profiling and ROI modeling. 
  • B2C and B2B campaign design and implementation -- Omni-channel program architecture and direct, digital, mobile and social development, execution and optimization.


Mind Genomics® and the ViewPoint IdentifierSM (VPI) 


Here’s how they work:

  • Mind Genomics is an empirically-based segmentation and profiling methodology, described by Malcolm Gladwell as “the next generation of predictive analytics”.
  • Operationalized using a mind-set typing tool called the VPI, it allows us to identify what motivates individuals even if they cannot articulate it themselves.
  • The VPI presents a simple set of online (or offline) questions; the unique pattern of answers instantly assigns each individual to a specific, pre-defined B2C or B2B cohort group.
  • Once an individual is assigned, positive stimuli can be delivered and negative stimuli avoided, in real time and on an ongoing basis, to each individual based upon the group in which s/he belongs.