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January 19, 2016 @ 12:57 pm
posted by Barry Sideroff

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What? It’s been two years since our last post? That can’t be right!

Time does fly when you’re having fun or in our case, doing new and exciting things. While we’re certain no one has remained up at night waiting for our next post, when it occurred to us that it’s been two years, we decided it was time to update you on what’s been going on at DVI.

While our team is often brought in to serve as an outsourced marketing department, it’s not usual for us to be called in to manage, end-to-end, the marketing, sales and operations for a client. That’s what we’ve been up to for the past 18+ months.

DVI has been working with Aerotel USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Aerotel Ltd., since May 2014 tasked with the launch of its FDA Class 1 medical devices in the U.S. We created the company’s go-to-market strategy which drives distribution through government (The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense), professional (doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors) and direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels. We are now enabling sales through those channels with innovative direct, digital and social media demand generation programs.

What’s most gratifying about our relationship with Aerotel is that we have been empowered to do things, based upon our very strong track record, which we do not generally do. But when we step back, that’s how it’s been with many of our clients. As was the case with IBM, having no experience working in the technology sector, this writer was instrumental in the launch of IBM Direct and later, IBM’s global telesales channel and with Aetna, with no healthcare insurance marketing experience, we had the privilege of launching several new consumer lines-of-business.

The challenge, of course has been keeping in touch with both current and past clients and friends. So if you are reading this post and you’ve not heard from us for a while, we beg your forgiveness. Out of sight is out of mind. We hope to correct that in the weeks and months ahead.

May 2016 be a breakthrough year for you!